Every device produces different sounds and vibrations. How can you tell if a machine has a defect?
NoiseQC is a smart software to test the quality of your device. Whether the sound or the frequency is abnormal or not, NoiseQC will detect it, either by measuring sound or vibrations.
NoiseQC software can objectively analyze the functionality of all kinds of products in various environments and determine whether the product passes QC or must be set aside for further inspection. (Go/NoGo determination)

Did you know? In many factory, They find abnormality of product by use ears for listening , eye and felling to detect abnormality and of cause test by listening of each always have many though some people when listen he say good but some people say not pass and also another feeling. Then test by feeling is not exact.

What we goanna do?

 So, we should have a helper to check and test vibration and sound system in each product. Is it normal or unusual? Is it change from normal?

Therefore, Geonoise Asia Co., Ltd. has launched NoiseQC in 2015, the ultimate software for manufacturers wishing to improve their quality control methods and productivity. Through this visually based and easy to use tool, the tests for Go / NoGo for test your product is scheduled to be marketed (go) or should be considered corrected (NoGo).

Feel free to send us an inquiry so we can determine if NoiseQC is the right product for you and if you should use noise and or vibration for you QC.