Do your QC within seconds!

NoiseQC is a system that allows you to do Quality Control of your noise emitting products accurately and efficiently. Through this easy-to-use tool, NoiseQC helps you to decide whether a product is OK or NG based on the sound or vibration it produces.

There are at least two ideas behind NoiseQC.

First, noise and vibration could be used as an indicator for mechanical faults and product defects. Numbers of stories has been heard that customers report a possibility of faults because they hear something not usual on the product they bought. A lot of manufacturers have realized this, and therefore including noise in the quality control process.

Second, a lot of manufacturers of noise emitting products have considered noise as one of their selling point. By developing their product sound quality, manufacturers want the user to have a pleasant perception of their products’ noise. To make sure the products sold to the market satisfy this, then manufacturers need a way to test this.

By implementing NoiseQC, you can overcome both of these problems. Let NoiseQC analyze the sound or vibration of your product, and decide if it’s OK or NG.