Can NoiseQC perform measurements on a sample with 2 engines ?

June 28, 2016 stladmin No comments

Yes, NoiseQC can be configured to measure the noise / vibrations of a unit with 2 engines, either running simultaneously or consequently. There will be ‘golden egg’ reference spectra for…

Can we measure multiple RPM’s on 1 sample?

June 28, 2016  admin No comments

NoiseQC has the possibility to create multiple scenario’s for testing. So you could run the NoiseQC test on 1 engine with for example 5 RPM’s. Each setting for the engine where each RPM of course will have it’s own noise or vibration spectrum.

Should I use sound or vibration measurements to improve my QC process?

February 19, 2016  admin No comments

Depending on the local situation it can be better to use either noise or vibration measurements to find faulty products coming from your production line. Sound measurements are good if the ambient sound level around the production line is at least 10 decibel lower than the sound level produced by the device under testing. If the surroundings are too noisy, vibrations can be used to check the quality of each product by means of an accelerometer.

How to improve the Quality Control in my production line?

February 19, 2016  admin No comments

If your products have any moving / rotating parts, it is very easy to check with noise- or vibration measurements. You can measure the noise ‘fingerprint’ or vibration ‘fingerprint’ of…

Can we use multiple tests on each sample ?

November 21, 2018  admin No comments

NoiseQC end of line quality testing software has a build in option to perform up to 6 different tests on each product (i.e. rpm or load), either manually triggered or by PLC.