Quality Control Testing Sound and Vibration of the Product

In manufacturing, each product has a different complexity and products have to be produced from time to time, which each product has to test many factors for the product that sends to sell has good standards. The methods of testing are sound and vibration. NoiseQC will check if the product makes an abnormal sound or an abnormal vibration.

In many factories, these noise and vibration checks are still being performed by humans. The problem is that humans listening skills can be good but they are also subjective (not objective) and have a certain percentage of error depending on the mood of the listener or the day of the week (Monday morning / Friday afternoon).

After an initial visual inspection, a human will then need to assess if the noise are within limits of a normal product or if there is any deviation that might indicate a (partly) faulty product.

Not only will the human assessment be different between 2 persons, but even the same person can also misjudge a faulty sample to be assessed as good and create an issue later onwards.

Vibration levels are even harder to objectively assess by a human. Measuring the vibration levels with a calibrated logger (Nor135) and real-time analyze the results of the accelerometers’ values will give you the exact information you need to classify a product as a Go or a NoGo.

Each product has a different complexity and some products have multiple noise and vibration sources.

For example, a refrigerator has a pump, a fan and other moving sources. The different sources will work at different speeds (RPM).

In these complex mixed and multiple sound and vibration sources, it becomes sheer impossible for a human to determine and distinguish the different contributions.

For NoiseQC it’s very easy to pick up the different sources with their specific signature values.

Most factories already have a (mandatory ISO9001) product quality control and product quality inspection. The most used methods are:

Screening inspection

Screening inspection is a 100% inspection of the product, it is a very simple and commonly used method. To find faulty products from the production process such as checking the light of a lamp or check if the glass has cracks or even is broken are easy and can be accurate if done by humans.

In practice, this method is costly and cannot be applied to lots of products.

If you’re making noodles, you cannot check the products on the production line as it will interfere with the quality of the products, and they also would need to be cooked to fully assess the quality.

In this case, the QC will not be tested on the production line but by way of spot checks in a different department, the Quality Control department (QC)


Sampling tests of products in each mode is required to avoid 100% inspection methods and to not interfere with the production process too much.

Many factories will set a certain percentage of their products to be thoroughly inspected to be able to value the quality of a certain production lot. If a manufacturer can do a low cost and very reliable Quality Control by means of NoiseQC, of course, this would have their preference!

Noise and vibration monitoring

Geonoise Asia Co., Ltd. (a longtime partner of NoiseQC)  offers “NoiseQC” to help to test the quality of your devices in the factory easier in a very user-friendly way. In addition, NoiseQC can connect with your PLC to control in your product line. The process will be fully automated and any data available in your production line PLC can be integrated with NoiseQC results.


Every device with moving parts produces different sounds and vibrations. NoiseQC can measure and analyze the noise and vibrations in realtime and let you know if the product if a Go or a NoGo.

Geonoise Asia Co., Ltd. has been selling and promotion NoiseQC since 2015, it is the ultimate software for manufacturers who want to improve their end-of-line Quality control.

This objective and amazingly easy to use tool will make sure that any faults will be flagged as a NoGo. It can be used as a standalone application or conveniently be integrated in the PLC of your production line.

NoiseQC is smart software to test the quality of your device. Whether the sound level or the frequency is not within the set limits, NoiseQC will detect it, either by measuring sound or vibrations.

NoiseQC software can objectively analyze the functionality of all kinds of products in various environments and determine whether the product passes QC or must be set aside for further inspection. (Go or NoGo determination)

All End of Line manufacturing products should be quality checked in an easy and especially reliable way. NoiseQC is a system that allows you to do Quality Control of your noise and/or vibration emitting products accurately and efficiently. Through this easy-to-use tool, NoiseQC helps you to decide whether a product is a GO or NoGo based on the sound or vibration it produces.

Feel free to send us an inquiry so we can determine if NoiseQC is the right product for you and if you should use noise and or vibration for you QC.